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    Conrad Bangkok Hotel Thailand



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    Conrad Bangkok Spa



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    Hotel Conrad Bangkok Thailand



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Conrad Bangkok

Conrad Bangkok

Thailand often plays tricks on your senses...the taste food that is perhaps more spicy or creatively playful than you can imagine, the sight of beaches so exquisite they look other-worldly, the sounds the chaotic noise of the city streets where somehow life flows at a strangely fluid pace, and believing that luxury this tremendous can actually be affordable. Case in point, the Conrad Bangkok, one of the world’s most innovative 5-star hotels.

A palatial property in the heart of the business district, and more importantly close to the city's best shopping at alarmingly affordable prices. Rooms are litorally cocoons of stylish design and offer exceptional views of the Bangkok skyline. Complete with ultra-top-tier technology, done up in silks, sweet-dream-inducing bedding, entertainment systems. And, a note to those traveling kids or husbands that refuse to grow up... Playstation 3 in the Suites which also include 24-hour access to the Executive Lounge for refreshing beverages, daily breakfast, afternoon tea and private check-in/check-out.

Dining is equally as exquisite, with a variety of gourmet Asian restaurants (2 complete with private Bangkok-style dining rooms) and a beautiful French Brasserie. Take in the gorgeous sounds of live jazz at their signature Diplomat Bar or the pulsating rhythms at the ultra-sexy 87 Plus nightclub, one of the city’s best.

Working off the delicacies is easy here, take advantage of individual classes for yoga, boxing, Pilates and Tai Chi. Or, chill out in signature style at their Seasons Spa, reclaiming the ancient arts of health and combining them with modern techniques and the energies of both the earth and the human touch. The spa's 11 gorgeous Bangkok houses are complete wtih private shower and steam room while the exclusive Presidential Spa Suite features private Jacuzzi and relaxing Japanese garden views. Go ahead- indulge, especially with the Explorateur Exclusive extras. It's well worth the splurge.

theExplorateur Exclusive Offer

Complimentary upgrade from Classic King to Deluxe Corner Room plus 6 PM late checkout (subject to availability)

Contact Information

Conrad Bangkok
87 Wireless Road
Phatumwan, Bangkok, 10330
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About Bangkok

Bangkok is exotic, chaotic, quixotic, and entirely overwhelming on the senses (in a fabulous way!) The days begin in interesting juxtapositions and carry on through the day, Tai Chi is done in the park for relaxation while heavy traffic, loud noises and thick heat fills the streets, while the aromas from the city’s fascinating food stands and multitude of restaurants takes over through the rest of the day providing a feast for your eyes and your stomach.

Walking is a great way to really delve into the inner soul of Bangkok, the best way to discover its magnificent temples and palaces, bustling markets, picturesque canals and incredible nightlife. Brilliant magenta flowers frame the city filled with locals that want first to offer you a friendly smile, followed by a warm welcome to their multi-dimensional city that truly spans every segment of the spectrum. It’s not at all uncommon to see golden-robed monks, ancient temples, blaring neon lights, gourmet restaurants and luxury high rises all within a few blocks’ stroll and it just gets more and more interesting as you continue through the streets.

Bangkok’s most impressive architectural highlights in what’s known as the “Old City” on the island of Rattanakosin, are the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun- immense structures that often time take days to tour. Be sure to work in a few museum visits and walks through some of the city’s park to give a sense of calm in this chaotically fun mix. Canal tours are a great way to spend part of the day as well, rolling along the backwaters all the while visiting floating markets along the way.

There are two things that Thailand is perhaps well known for- its spas, and its food. Signature Thai massage experiences can be found in just about any hotel, and at any independent upscale spa of which there are many. As far as food goes, Bangkok is rumored to have over 50,000 restaurants within its confines. The list is miles long of the delicacies that can be acquired and devoured in sheer delight at the city’s ubiquitous food stalls. Pop up stands that are generally open late (many around the clock) proferring everything from noodles to curry, rice dishes to meats, vegetables to soups to crepes and even insects, prepared hundreds of different ways, never the same experience twice. As delightful and delicious as the city itself.