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#TRAVEX is a new kind of travel chat, launched by travel-savvy tweeters @travelsquire and @theexplorateur . The tweetup is designed to encourage thoughtful discussion and exchange of travel related ideas, with educational touchpoints as well.


It’s easy! Search #TRAVEX on your Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to get into the forum. We’ll ask a question every 5 minutes with time to discuss in between, and after each 2 questions you’ll see what we call a TE- or , Travelers Education touchpoint. This will serve to highlight interesting points relevant to the subject of that day’s #TRAVEX. Your opportunity to learn a bit more about the highlight of the week and share your knowledge with other tweeps.

#TRAVEX happens every Wednesday, between 5-6 PM EST


-In order for all #TRAVEX participants to see your tweets and be able to engage with you, you must be sure to end each tweet with #TRAVEX. This will ensure your comments are kept in the forum.

-Keep it PG- offensive language will not be tolerated

-Tell your travel-loving friends and spread the word- the more the merrier

-Have FUN!

Meet Our Co-Hosts for 05 Dec!

@ALEXANDRAEH– Alexandra Hunter
Alexandra suffers from a serious case of ants in her pants. She’s been living life on the road and out of a suitcase for nearly a year now and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Alexandra travels by one motto: “I’ll try anything once”—which has definitely led her down the path of many fantastic adventures and wild travel stories. Alexandra’s currently working in the world of freelance travel writing and contract event management. You can find her writing on websites such as Examiner.com and JetsetExtra.com. She also chronicles her life on the road as a freelance travel writer on her blog, TravelNoodle.com.

Charu Suri is founder and writer of the travel blog, Butterflydiary.com and also a freelance travel journalist. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in national publications including USA Today, U.S. Airways Magazine, The Huffington Post and others. Charu enjoys learning about history, good beaches and journeys filled with people and stories. Follow her on Twitter @Butterflydiary and enjoy her upcoming adventures!

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Contact Information

Questions? Feedback? Want to guest host? Reach out to us on Twitter at @theexplorateur and @travelsquire