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    Red Pepper House Lamu Island Kenya



    Red Pepper House - Boutique Hotel in Keny


The Red Pepper House

The Red Pepper House

Its hot, its spicy, its the utmost in indulgence and relaxation. The Red Pepper House is Kenyas newest, most exquisite boutique hotel combining traditional Kenyan culture with blissful laid-back beach lifestyle.

Gracious touches celebrating the local culture are found everywhere, in the Swahili art that decorates the main house and the handcrafted 5 Nyumbas (Swahili for home) created by local artists and builders who used techniques passed down to them from their ancestors. Each spacious Nyumba comes with personalized butler service, and is finished in the traditional Swahili manner...wooden beams adjoining the ceilings of a living room that opens to a private beach, and a revitalizing open air African shower.

Most of the spaces here don't have walls, which allows guests to make the most of the near-perfect climate while enjoying the spectacularly serene views.

theExplorateur Exclusive Offer

Complimentary welcome Swedish massage per person, a $45 value each.

Contact Information

The Red Pepper House
Coconut Beach
PO Box 316
Lamu Island, Kenya


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Lamu Island

Declared a World Heritage Site, Lamu is a rare gem- hundreds of years old and yet perfectly preserved thanks to its isolated location. Situated within an archipelago off the coast of Kenya, Lamu is where the thousand-year-old Swahili culture has been best preserved. History, charm and fascinating scenery abound in this true land of adventure.
Lamu Island is the perfect add-on to a Kenyan safari jaunt, its a world heritage site that is home to hundreds of years of Swahili culture, perfectly preserved, with enchanting forests and picture-perfect unspoilt beaches.