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    Villa Aranjaya



    Luxury Boutique Hotel in Catania te



    Luxury Boutique Hotel Italy



    Villa Aranjaya Italy



    Villa Aranjaya Sicily



    Villa Aranjaya Italy




An exclusive hideaway created in the grand domain of San Giorgio, Lentini by host Rudolf von Freyberg.

Touch down in Catania, head south for about 20 clicks, make sure you pass Mount Etna on your right and head for the orange groves. See them yet? Good, that means you've arrived at our lovely new find, Aranjaya. Ensconced in its own organic citrus farm, it's a rustic yet chic charming villa-turned-boutique hotel, but don't let it's 8 rooms fool you. It's a vision in terracotta & whitewash and completely immersed in Sicilian character, offering its own infinity pool, tennis courts, lazy billowing palms, multi-colored flora, and ubiquitous views of the volcano.

After all, it's been run by an aristocratic family for over 300 years, who have preserved the tasteful, almost "lived-in" feel which makes guests feel like it's truly their own private home. Complete with gorgeous olive-oil bath products, Espresso machines, artistic touches and even an in-house chef (who happens to be Tunisian and produces the most incredible Mediterranean fare with a locavore flair). The lovely town of Catania sits just nearby, making this a beautiful, private spot to spend your stay in Sicily.

Eight rooms of subtle luxury in the middle of a unique piece of property lend themselves to a most unique honeymoon experience or unforgettable holiday with friends or family. Far enough away from the hectic pace where one can relax in another dimension of time & energy.

Settled on the flanks of an extinct volcano, the property's many terraces and the Belvedere offer some exceptional views on a smoking Mount Etna that deploys all its powerful majesty upon the plain …

The lovely town of Catania sits just nearby, making this a beautiful, private spot to spend your stay in Sicily.

theExplorateur Exclusive Offer

Choice of either 2 COMPLIMENTARY nights or an upgrade to an Orchard Suite when booking a week's stay.

Contact Information

Villa Aranjaya
Contrada San Giorgio
I-96016 Lentini (SR)
Sicily, Italy
Tel.: +39 335 1097146
Fax: +39 095 6781404


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Lentini, Sicily

This city has very ancient foundations and associates its birth to the myth of the Lestrigoni, a population who were dedicated to agriculture and stock-raising, and who later changed its name to Sicily.

The city is set in valley between two hills, and facing north. On the western side of this valley ran a river with a row of houses on its western bank under the hill. At each end was a gate, the northern gate leading to the plain, the southern, at the upper end, leading to Syracuse.

Lentini is best known for its variety of historical churches, some of which date back to the 12th century and for a bit more urban action, Catania is only just a short drive away.

While in Lentini, be sure to make time to explore the explore the culinary traditions of Lentini. The typical “home-made bread” of Lentini (cooked with wood fire in a stone oven) has a very long preparation time, and is truly a unique production. Also take a visit to a local restaurant to sample dishes really out of the ordinary based on duck, chicken, salmon, veal cutlet or even salads with orange sauces (traditional Sicilian dishes). Local wines include the 'Black of Avola' and the 'White of Inzolìa'.