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    Porto-Elounda Resort, Greece



    Porto Elounda Greece



    Porto Elounda


Porto Elounda

Porto Elounda

Its an entire world in one resort, a five-star architectural wonder that is a true seaside paradise along the crystal blue waters of the Bay of Mirabello and endless greenery of its own private golf course. Elounda evokes emotions that span the spectrum, from wonder to awe, happiness to excitement and beyond as you allow yourself to be consumed by this extreme form of beauty.

A stay here is a delightful blend of Cretan architecture and interior design, where typical whitewashed surfaces mix harmoniously with slate grey rock walls that surround carob and olive trees. The atmosphere here is serene, with spaces stunningly spiced up with antique pieces of folk art, carpets, magnificent tapestries, chests, mantlepieces and unique Cretan marble throughout the halls and salons.

Rooms are sleek and spacious, with gorgeous balconies and amazing views that couldnt get any more blue or idyllic available from every room.

Regarding dining, here you can enjoy a variety of options including French, Italian, Pan-asian, Cretan and traditional Greek cuisine that will reach your senses to a whole new dimension. Don't miss the amazing Greek Night providing ultimate entertainment as it combines live musicians accompanied by Cretan traditional dancers that will welcome you to the beautiful, hospitable but simple Cretan heart, with a buffet of Greek traditional culinary wonders.

Playiada square will excite you with its exceptional boutiques, Pro-shop, souvenir and jewelery shop and last bat not least the little proud gem, Greek Orthodox Chapel ''Prophet Elias''.

The lavish Six Senses Spa here is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking spas in Greece. Located on a peninsular overlooking a stunning expanse of the Aegean Sea, the spa reflects traditional architecture highlighted with cutting edge trends plus some quite stunning contemporary works of art. Spanning two levels, the twenty three treatment areas include the Tepidarium - the spas focal point providing a bravura space that excites all the senses, Junior Suite, Thalassotherapy Suites, Oriental treatment rooms, Ottoman hammam, couples treatment areas with outdoor bubble-tubs, hair salon and Cleopatra bath. There is also a Caldarium, traditional Finnish sauna, plunge pool, and a private spa area named the Spring Suite.

Famously family friendly, children here thrive in a gorgeous array of activities and go absolutely crazy for Arsenal Soccer School Camp, including a full coaching program imparting professional skills by seasoned players while ensuring that everyones having fun the Arsenal way.

Children between 5-12 will fall in love with Children's Park and its tempting waterslides, as long as younger ones will stay at Children's Ark, equipped with natural playground and facilities made with care especially for children. Special dedicated staff will make sure for their safety, feeding and entertainment. Activites include drawing, collage with natural materials, treasure hunts, lessons of growing and cooking vegetables and all this while having fun with other children from a multi-ethnic background.

Positively pure, Porto.

theExplorateur Exclusive Offer

Complimentary participation in the Childrens Park supervised activities (for children from 5 to 12 years). Valid Mondays to Saturdays 10am to 6pm

Contact Information

72053 Elounda
Crete - GREECE
T. +30.28410.68000
F. +30.28410.68013
E. porto@elounda-sa.com


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About Elounda

Elounda is a collection of three villages, Ano (upper) and Kato (lower) Elounda sitting above the port, Skisma, nestled at the head of the bay of Elounda with a view of the beautiful Venetian castle on the island of Kalydon, the famous Spinalonga. Since ancient times, this island was site to a fortress that protected the port of Olous from marauding pirates, while in the 20th century it was used for the exile of patients suffering from Hansens disease (leprosy). Nowadays, it is a remarkable site where little boats will take you to throughout the season. Opposite the island is Plaka, a fishing village with traditional seaside homes and openings that play stage every summer to the Plakiana traditional music festival, and whose tavernas serve the freshest fish throughout the year.

Passing Plaka and Spinalonga, the road heads up the mountain towards the most unspoilt region of Eastern Crete, the Upper Mirabello. Pass through the traditional village of Vrouhas with the amazing view of the entire Mirabello bay and of Spinalonga, and then walk to the cape of St.John with the beautiful stone-built lighthouse, a miracle of traditional architecture. After Vrouhas comes the small settlement of Selles, to the north of which starts a seaside route through virgin landscapes that ends at a small taverna. Before lunch, we suggest you take a short walk to the hidden beach of Vlihadia, for a dip into the azure waters.

On your return, drive up to the village of Skinias and the gorgeous Aretiou monastery before continuing through the mountainous landscape towards Ano Elounda and, finally, the port of Elounda, called Skisma. This corner of the Mirabello bay, with the Spinalonga peninsula and its myriad anchorages is a true yachting paradise. Within a few minutes from our hotels, one of our sailing or motor yachts will travel you to secluded seascapes and hidden coasts. From the beach on nearby Glaronisi (seagull-island) to the fishing village of Mohlos with the ancient Minoan ruins on its little islet, the cruises are magical. Starting any time of the day or night you require, with all the meals that you wish for, and even with spa treatments on board, this will be an unforgettable cruise.

For adventure lovers, we suggest a unique experience of life in the sea, a scuba dive down a steep incline, known as wall diving, where one descends through crystal clear waters down to a depth of 30 meters through the deep Mediterranean blue onto the sandy sea bed. At night, you should experience the dark beauty with a night dive with torches, where the colours will mesmerise you and the sleeping fish will idly float in front of your mask to be observed in total serenity.

The local capital is host to thousands of visitors every year. At its heart is the lake Vouliagmeni (sunken lake), a volcanic submersion where according to Greek myths the goddesses Athena and Artemis washed their hair. All explorations into it, including Jacque Cousteaus, have ended in a winding system of underwater caves without end. Red rocks and trees on its western slopes add peculiar magic to the scenery. Strolling through the many shops of the city and the many buzzing cafes and eateries will fill the day very pleasantly.