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    40 Winks London



    40 Winks Boutique Hotel London test



    40 Winks England



    40 Winks Townhouse Hotel London tes



    Townhouse Hotel London



    40 Winks Boutique Hotel London, England


40 Winks

40 Winks

40 Winks is one of London’s most popular, playful, and luxurious retreats. It’s a townhouse hotel that actually is a home, acclaimed interior decorator David Carter’s home to be exact, which opens its doors to guests who crave something entirely unexpected whilst in London. Gracing hundreds of pages of leading interior and fashion magazines around the world for years, 40 Winks is a favorite for countless fashion and celebrity photographers. Every nook and cranny has been gracefully touched by David’s design talents, resulting in exquisitely designed rooms, and gorgeous vintage-chic touches everywhere. Their cozy kitchen serves a sumptuous full breakfast, and stocked with coffees and teas which guests can help themselves to at any time of the day.

40 Winks is surprisingly unassuming…guests are encouraged to slip their shoes off and relax, to come downstairs in your pajamas and enjoy their signature “bedtime stories” series, get pampered in your suite by an on-call massage and beauty therapist, or get spiffed up for vintage afternoon tea. There are only two rooms here, each equally as stunning, with a gorgeous guilded bathroom whose style and décor is not likely to be found anywhere else.

It is truly a smart, whimsically glamorous boutique option for London- bold, romantic and fantastical.

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Contact Information

40 Winks
109 Mile End Road, Stepney Green
London, UK E1 4UJ
Telephone: +44(0)20 7790 0259
Mobile: +44(0)7973 653944
Email: reservations@40winks.org


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If you ask a Londoner where the centre of London is, you are likely to get a wry smile. This is because historically London was two cities: a commercial city and a separate government capital.

The commercial capital was the City of London. This had a dense population and all the other pre-requisites of a medieval city: walls, a castle (The Tower of London), a cathedral (St Pauls), a semi-independent City government, a port and a bridge across which all trade was routed so Londoners could make money (London Bridge).

About an hour up the Thames river was the government capital,Westminster). This had a church for crowning the monarch (Westminster Abbey) and palaces. As each palace was replaced by a larger one, the previous one was used for government, first the Palace of Westminster (better known as the Houses of Parliament), then Whitehall, then Buckingham Palace. The two were linked by a road called The "Strand", old English for riverbank.

The city has one of the most comprehensive public transport systems in the world and often the quickest and most inexpensive way to navigate the city. From parks to museums, historical structures to palaces, street food to amazing gourmet dining on cuisines inspired by a worldwide palette, London truly offers something for everyone.

London is one of the world's most fascinating cities, with a weath of sights to see and experience that will overwhelm with wonder. For amazing tips and tour ideas, visit www.visitlondon.com