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    Red Mangrove Lodges



    Galapagos Island - Ecuador



    Red Mangrove Lodges - Galapagos Island



    Red Mangrove Lodges Ecuador



    Galapagos Island - Ecuador



    Red Mangrove Galapagos Ecuador Lodges



    Red Mangrove Galapagos Lodges


Red Mangrove Lodges

Red Mangrove Lodges

Ah, the Galapagos Islands - fresh, captivating, and never short on surprises. This is perhaps one of the last remaining places on Earth where everything is as nature intended and discoveries are waiting to be found at every turn.
About 175 years ago, poor Charles Darwin had no other option but to explore the islands by boat as there was no place to lay his weary head...fast forward to today, where amateur explorers from far and wide now have another option besides the standard cruise. Our Galapagos discovery is Red Mangrove Lodges, the only brand in the Galapagos featuring lodges on many of the islands, thus offering a multitude of land activities and completely eliminating the "disembark/slowboat/ground tour/back on slowboat/reboard ship" routine that always leaves you feeling as though you may have missed out on something when time on land runs out. Fear not, these lodges are about as eco-friendly as a lodge can get, never interfering with the natural state of affairs on these beautiful islands.

Theres Aventura Lodge, a uniquely designed retreat built into the mangrove forest, offering beautiful up-close observations of the ecosystem in action and serving curious Japanese and Galapagos-inspired cuisine. Isabela Lodge built upon a palm lined beach on Isabela Island, one of the most volcanically active places on earth. Floreana Lodge, on the least-populated island in the Galapagos, built entirely from forest pine wood and upon a black lava surface, perhaps the best place to observe the sunset, and the sea lions in their natural environment. Samai Lodge, at 330 feet above sea level, built into fruit groves with natural materials with cloud forest views, all built in a mixture of Feng Shui, Andean and Amazonian styles to promote energy and relaxation. Sta. Cruz Divers Lodge is true Galapagoenian design, floors and walls created from lava rock and walls adorned with recycled artwork. And finally Isabela Divers Lodge, a low-key charming retreat for those wanting to get as close as possible to marine life.

All of their properties, and adventures are artfully designed and will be enthusiastically conducted, and embrace the amazing beauty of this distinct part of the world.

Packages at Red Mangrove Lodges generally include:
- Transfers IN / OUT to/from Baltra or San Cristobal Airport
- Welcome drink
- Accommodation at Aventura, Floreana and Isabela Lodges / San Cristobal
- All meals included on a fixed menu basis
- Snacks / Navigations
- Excursions with English speaking Naturalist guide
- Use of bikes in Isabela and Aventua Lodge
- Internet service in Isabela and Aventura
- 25% discount for children under 10 years old

More time on land means more time to discover...and explore.

theExplorateur Exclusive Offer

Free flight from Ecuador mainland to Galapagos when booking the signature Ecuador Four Worlds package (a $415 value per person)

Contact Information

Red Mangrove Head Office
Av. De Los Shyris 344 y Eloy Alfaro
Edificio Parque Central- Of. 503
Quito, Ecuador
T. +1.593.2.3823801
E. salesteam@redgalapagos.com


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About Galapagos

The Galpagos archipelago is one of the worlds most inspiring and unique undisturbed landscapes and the best place to view wildlife and marinelife in its natural state. A world-renowned volcanic site inhabited by all manner of giant tortoises, sea lions, penguins, marine iguanas and different bird species across 13 main islands and 6 small isles.

Its an amazing view inside the animals world, most will act unaware of a visitors presence and go about their daily routines in such a peacefully tame manner without a care of whos watching or traversing along the pathways. The number of visitors per day on each island is limited so as not to overwhelm, and the Charles Darwin Foundation has set up several interesting research stations throughout the island that are absolutely worth visiting for natural history and animal exhibits.

Trekking on land is equally as fascinating as the snorkeling and diving- the sea life in Galapagos is rich and vibrant, with dive sites ranging from beginner to top advanced, along with kayaking if you prefer to stay above the current. Boat trips are also readily available to cruise between islands at a comfortable pace.
Visits to Galapagos are absolutely centered around the utmost respect for the land and the wildlife so as to preserve their natural environments the species have been enjoying and thriving in for centuries.

Visits to the islands must be accompanied by a certified guide, walking paths are not to be strayed from, and any feeding of animals, forest fires, fishing or introduction of foreign species are all absolutely verboten.