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    Ilha De Toque Toque Boutique Hotel Sao Paulo



    Ilha De Toque Toque Boutique Hotel Brazil



    Boutique Hotel Brazil



    Ilha De Toque Toque Boutique Hotel



     Toque Toque Boutique Hotel Brazil


Ilha De Toque Toque Boutique Hotel

Ilha De Toque Toque Boutique Hotel

Toque Toque (or Tap Tap, depending on where youre from) is about as far away from the hectic yet beautiful chaos of any Brazilian metropolis. Its a tiny haven in the middle of lush, relatively uninhabited nature reserves, serving as home to this spirited boutique hotel so remote that youd find it hard to believe Sao Paulo is a mere 3 hours away. 10 rooms in the middle of 17,500 square meters of landscape fits quite comfortably as youd well imagine. And here, youll find dirt roads, not paved- the artesenal work of caiaras fishermen, not commercial boats nor yachts trawling the shoreline...and total, complete privacy in an ultra-romantic setting.

Couples will dig the startling views, the private hot tubs designed for deliciously sublime baths, the seclusion of it all. Eco-friendly travelers will dig the owners commitment to the Earth- no trees were harmed in the construction of this hotel, water here is collected from a waterfall, and the only energy here is solar powered. Theres even a nutritionist and spa therapist on property to help restore your balance.

theExplorateur Exclusive Offer

15% off of the Honeymoon Package including 3 nights in an Essencial Suite with private Jacuzzi, daily breakfast, 1 romantic candlelight dinner, one hour-long massage per person and totally romantic decorations and goodies en suite upon arrival, plus complimentary Natura sunblock for those days in the Brazilian sun.
*Valid select dates 2011

Contact Information

Rodovia Dr. Manoel Hyplito Rego,1285
Toque Toque Grande, CEP 11600-000
So Sebastio, SP, Brasil
Tel +55 12 3864-9110
Fax 12 +55 3864-9112


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About Toque Toque

Just 3 hours from So Paulo, ensconced within the Atlantic Forest and the mountains, this beautiful spot of the world maintains the same style of decades past. Before the arrival of the European colonizers, it was inhabited by the Tupinambs tribe. Its name comes from the island set in front of it. "Toque Toque" in that native language means "island". Initially a sugar cane field, the area later became a coffee plantation and coconut plantation, and the mixture of the races gave birth to the local caiara people, who live a very marine-based lifestyle.

Toque Toque Grande is a small beach, home to dozens of traditional caiara fishermen whose canoes sit in the soft white sand. The beach is pristine, only a few houses abound, and many of the streets remain unpaved. Here, there are no shops nor condos, but rather dazzling sunsets, calm waters and nothing but pure tranquility. An excellent area for discovering nature both on land and underwater,